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We also transfer video tapes to DVD!!
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Scrapbookers Digital Archiving

Scrapbookers Digital Archiving

Got Scrapbook?

We offer digital archiving of your pages for only $7.50 per page if out of plastic, $8.50 per page if in plastic.

Minimum of 12 pages or if less, then add $15.00 for the CD burn/setup first copy.

We can provide a high resolution JPEG image of each page in your scrapbook and put on CD or Thumb Drive (thumb drive extra) for your general archive purposes or for sharing your pages online or via email.

We can work with pages larger or smaller than 8 1/2 X 11.

Bring your book(s) to our studio and we can make your hard work live on digitally!

Call 941-485-0699 for any questions or use the form below.

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